Snapshots of Life

Friday, October 13, 2006

Time and all eternity

There is just something about the sealing ceremony that is incredible. I love to be a witness to this sacred ordinance. The language is so profound, particularly when contrasted to the typical wedding ceremony outside of the temple. The promises are so amazing that I'm not sure I even comprehend all that they really mean. I think more than any ordinance or ceremony in the Church this inspires and motivates me the most! I've not yet had the privilege of kneeling at that altar and hearing those words directed toward me, but I will, and who knows it might be soon! I caught the garter at my younger brother's wedding yesterday!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where two or more are gathered in my name...

Do you all remember my substance abuse class? Well, I have been sober, 100% clean from soda pop, for about 3 weeks now! It actually has been kind of hard, especially when I am craving something sweet to drink and it's right there in the fridge tempting me. Tonight though, I had the opportunity to learn something about real addiction. Another requirement in the course is to attend two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings over the course of the semester, one an LDS version that is modified to be Christ centered and the other a traditional community meeting.

We met in a small room in a local church building. Two former addicts turned missionaries sat at the head of the circle and led the group. 5 ordinary individuals came into the room and sat down in a tight circle. One by one they bore their soles. A silver haired grandma fighting a drug addiction for over 30 years can't remember her kids growing up. She's ready to quit and find joy in her grandkids. A mother of 6 with an alcoholic husband in denial wonders what to do. A court ordered prescription drug abuser doesn't want to go to jail. A quiet young guy with a hat over his eyes doesn't want to lose his wife and 3 little girls who have simply had too much. Each told their story. "My name is....and I'm an alcoholic..." We laugh about that line sometimes but I'll tell you something, I was touched by the humility and courage of that admission. I dare say that a lot of us think we are above that kind of struggle...but we're not. I wondered if I was that willing to recognize my weakness before God and man, and admit that I am powerless without Him who can remove it. My self-righteousness gave me a stomach ache. These people may be alcoholics and addicts but they are first and foremost children of a kind God, and tonight He reached out and touched them...and me too.