Snapshots of Life

Thursday, September 01, 2005


In the past week I have undergone some very significant changes in my life. New home, new school, new work, new ward, new city, new people to name a few. In truth it is all kinda scary! There has been more than one time in the last few days that I have asked myself, "what am I doing"? Scrubbing the black tub (yeah, it should be white) and nasty toilet with bleach, looking at my bank statement, looking for a job, and sitting in a 3 hour class were some of those moments. I've never been a huge fan of sweeping change. I like comfort zones and status quo. Perhaps that is why this is all necessary for me - to shake me up and help me grow. Like many times before the first few weeks of anxiety and discomfort will pass and the experience will open up to all that I hope it will be.