Snapshots of Life

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Some lessons about the big city

In this valley the temperatures can go from very warm, even hot, to chilling winter cold. I can't believe that it was 45 degrees today. That is absolutely ridiculous for June 6th!

People tend to swear quite a bit here. It must be part of the small town culture or something, or maybe it's because I am coming from BYU. I've been around people who swear frequently before and it really doesn't bother me a ton (aside from the f-word and the profane use of the name of God), but generally they have been part of a different crowd. Here, those you would expect would be less likely to swear proudly - swear unabashedly - as if it is essential to salt and pepper your speech with explitives for added emphasis.

I've decided bad traffic exists everywhere, that's just a relative term!

In some places, besides Country Music Television, it is dang cool to be a cowboy, to talk about steel toe boots, Stetsin hats, and wrangler jeans.

I've made grammatical errors all my life. It is "we was" and "I seen". Why didn't anyone tell me this before? You may think, 'Come on, nobody really talks like that.' Oh, yes they do. I'm talking professionals, like nurses and social workers. It's kinda fun, actually.