Snapshots of Life

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We finally moved into our new home a little over two weeks ago!  We enjoyed our little bungalow rental house but we are glad to be in our own home.  The only bad thing about moving in is all the work we want to do with it before the baby comes.  We have to put in a mailbox, fix some of our tiling, paint, buy furniture for the nursery and the living room, and install some hand towel rods.  I suppose it is only the beginning of many more things to come. Thank you to everyone who helped us in the move.  These pictures are taken a few days before we moved in and before the final clean up.

The annual family Halloween party was held at Lisel's house.  Here are all of our nephews and niece on my side of the family, from youngest to oldest.

The newest arrival, Ammon, as a crocodile with grandma

Logan, the pirate, with grandpa

Little Lily is Tinkerbell

Caleb is Peter Pan

Landon is Captain Hook

Zach is the Indian chief (I forgot if he has a name)