Snapshots of Life

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Practical v. Doctrinal

Some topics for talks in church are easy. Some are hard. Give me a doctrinal topic anyday. You have near limitless information available for sources, not to mention personal testimony and experience with the doctrine to be addressed. Give me a practical topic and see me ponder and stew with no sense of what to do! Certainly, practice is influenced by doctrine, but for some reason it's harder to talk about. There are often many different ways and many good ways to apply doctrine and achieve practical goals. It becomes very challenging to offer something that will be of benefit, rather than a 7-minute workshop talk that shares the same scriptures and quotes we always hear for a given practical discussion. Besides, I feel somewhat unqualified to address a practical topic that I have yet to figure out. The topic: How to find balance in our lives. The setting: Stake priesthood leadership meeting. Any ideas??